Senior DevOps Engineer

San Francisco


We’re building cutting-edge solutions using the latest technological achievements at the intersection of blockchain, cryptography, distributed computing and network protocols. We’re looking for talented engineers, who can design elegant software architectures and execute on them with high degree of craftsmanship.


We are looking for a Senior DevOps Engineer to help develop and build our IT solutions and have experience in any number of different technical environments to accommodate new software integrations to each of our clients’ unique technical environment’s. You will design, develop and support the Chronicled Network.

You will be working with our CTO, product managers and engineering team to deliver mission-critical enterprise software that powers entire industries. Our team is constantly growing and evolving, so you will have plenty of opportunities to shape, develop and enhance it as a key contributor.

To be successful you should possess superb tech capabilities and have excellent strategizing techniques - Enjoy collaborating with others and have above-average communication skills - Be curious, intelligent and motivated.


  • 5 - 8 years DevOps experience.
  • 3-4 years Cloud Platform experience.
  • Experience running large scale customer facing web services in a DevOps/SRE environment
  • Aptitude to be a good team player and the willingness to learn and implement new cloud technologies as needed.
  • Good Understanding of Java and REST APIs, Cloud Infrastructure concepts and data center load balancing technologies, Networking and TCP/IP Server hardware configuration and Standard Internet services, such as DNS, HTTP, etc.
  • Methodical approach to troubleshooting complex problems.
  • Knowledge of: Linux internals Scripting languages, such as Python, Bash, etc.
  • Monitoring and Instrumentation DevOps toolchain Technical and Professional Expertise.
  • Extensive and current Cloud Platform expertise (AWS preferred) DevOps best practices and tooling expertise.
  • Systems and Operations Support expertise. Strong Network and Firewall knowledge and experience.
  • Data Quality and Service Process Monitoring expertise.
  • Current or past expertise designing and developing Distributed Processing Systems.


  • Install and configure solutions, implement reusable components, translate technical requirements, assist with all stages of test data, develop interface stubs and simulators and perform script maintenance and updates.
  • Build automated deployments through the use of configuration management technology.
  • Deploy new software and upgrades and complete fixes within the production environment.
  • Make modules ready for production, moving them according to specific procedures and documenting knowledge transfer.
  • Evaluate existing applications and platforms and give recommendations for enhancing performance via gap analysis, identifying the most practical alternative solutions and assisting with modifications.
  • Providing direct server support during various operations such as deployment and general production.
  • Collaborating with developers to make sure new environments meet requirements and conform to best practices.
  • Creating custom scripts and code using languages such as JavaScript, Java, NodeJS, Python, Shell / Bash, etc., that are secure in order to defend against cyber security issues.
  • Design, implement and test agreed-upon infrastructures.
  • Automating deployment of Linux applications, system configurations and security settings
  • Prioritizing requests from operations, development and product teams fairly while demonstrating a sense of empathy.


  • Unlimited PTO
  • Company sponsored medical, dental and vision benefits, as well as a choice of providers
  • Daily Lunch
  • Commuter Benefits
  • 401(k) Savings Plan
  • 529 College Saving Plan
  • Membership to the Bay Club

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