CCN Cocoon

Comfy homewear for urban women

As CCN Cocoon, we have managed to become a quality brand which is sought with its services offered to consumers who have good taste and conscious, who place importance to and love quality; with its different and quality products in the international arena, as the result of our serious and steady works which have been carried out since 1999.

We have been continuing our leadership in our sector with our faith in continuous improvement and our dense working tempo towards that goal. We are always the absolute choice of men and women as we reflect our marketing network which expands day by day, continuously developing retailing understanding and experiences to our products that are based on unique designs where quality, model and comfort are in the forefront.

We have opened a new range for consumers with modern and energetic pajamas collection by starting to produce house clothes in addition of CCN Cocoon pajamas groups. All raw material supplies of our products have certificated guarantees.
Enrico Cerini